Do I need to allow a request for flexible working?

I have a member of staff who has requested the right to vary her start time because of child care arrangements which are dependant on her husband returning from night shift. She is effectively asking to be able to start anytime between 9am and 10.30am. We could just about accommodate this – we provide caring […]

Holidays unused due to sickness can be carried over for 18 months

We have an employee who has unfortunately been ill and consequently off sick for over a year. On return she now wants to carry over all those holidays to the next leave year – can she do that?

If a worker is unable to take their holidays due to sickness absence, then they can carry […]

Can I safely discuss letting him go? Protected Conversations and Settlement Agreements

I have an employee who has just become completely disengaged with his job. He is employed by us as a salesperson in our small furniture saleroom and he needs to be much more customer friendly than he is. I have asked him if there is anything wrong but he says no and just denies there […]

How do I carry out a disciplinary investigation?

Question: We are a small, specialist company making items to customer specifications mainly for the corporate gifts market. Recently a member of staff was suspected of having stolen several high value items from our production floor. He denies this and has been suspended meantime. His manager has asked me (I manage our finance function) to […]

What is Shared Parental Leave?

I run a small company developing bespoke software for a variety of clients. We employ 2 staff as well as myself, and have become pretty busy over the last year as the business has grown quickly. Now a key member of my staff has informed me that his wife is pregnant and he will be […]

Employing staff on a Contract for Services

My company employs teaching staff on a freelance/ self employed basis and pays them after they invoice us for work done.They work from our premises with our students . What kind of contractual information do I need to provide if any/ what other legal obligations are we under with regards to these staff?

 As these freelancers […]

How to Employ Your First Member of Staff

Hey, it’s great news! Your business is doing well and it’s now more than you can handle on your own or by calling on favours from friends and family. It’s time now to dip your toes in the water of becoming an employer! One of the questions we are most often asked by small businesses […]

5 changes in 2014 employment law small businesses need to know about

As the new financial year approaches, this is a good time for small and medium sized businesses to anticipate any changes to employment law happening in 2014 and to make sure they assess any likely impact on their business. So here are 5 areas with information and further links to help you consider this. As […]

Can I suspend my employee? Six criteria you need to consider.

We run a very busy bar with usually 5 or 6 bar-persons on duty at any one time. We know that money is going missing from the till and we are pretty sure we know who is taking it on the basis of statements from the other staff. I know we need to properly investigate […]

Employee insurance and age discrimination

Our death in service life insurance policy ceases for a member of staff when he/she reaches the age of 65. Is this illegal age discrimination?

When they implemented the abolition of compulsory retirement, the UK Government recognised that this would potentially send insurance premiums through the roof, as insurance companies would insist on higher premiums […]