Sixth Month Income Report – June 2011

Well we have reached the end of June – the half-way point of the year – and we can pause to review progress and just confirm that we are on target to meet our objective of earning £1000 from the website in the year 1st Jan to 31st Dec 2011.

May had been a good month where the average daily income rose to £6.51 (from £4.86 the month before). Total earnings from Jan to May inclusive of Amazon affiliate income was £616.01.

The main changes made in June involved placing additional Google text ad units across the centre of each web page and continuing Twitter activity (if a bit intermittently!). Here are the statistics for June:

Earnings Pageviews Adsense Clicks
June 2010 £41.94 9214 112
June 2011 £281.76 26708 1579
Change – June 2010 vs June 2011 +572% +190% +1310%
Average daily income June 2011 £9.39
Ave per day required July-Dec 2011 to make £1000 (based on Google income) £0.60

The number of visitors to the website in June 2011 was 14,084 (13211 in May 2011) of which 12307 (11508 in May 2011) were unique visitors (i.e. they had not previously visited in June 2011) This represents a 6.6% increase in visitors over May 2011.

Incoming Links

Yahoo is showing 82 inlinks – up from 68 last month. Google is reporting 83 links – down slightly from 93 last month – at least both seem to be a bit more consistent this month.  Google pagerank however has now increased to 3.

Affiliate income

Details in June from Amazon were:

Total Cilcks thro to Amazon Items ordered Total Earnings
76 1 £0.28

This is another very lowly performance this month – down from £1.61 last month.

Key Points

  • June has been far and away the best month so far for Google income.
  • Earnings are up to a daily average of £9.39
  • Visitor numbers continue to rise – 6.6% increase this month
  • The number of Adsense clicks has increased dramatically this month to 1579 from 690 in May 2011
  • Amazon affiliate income is now hardly worth the effort making only 28p this month – I have no idea why this has tailed off so badly
  • For reference the earnings so far for the first 6 months of the project are: Jan: £42.31, Feb: £81.15, March: £135.75, April: £145.76, May: £201.96, June: £281.76
  • Total website earning from 1st Jan to 30th June 2011 stand at: £888.69 from Google ads and £9.36 from Amazon commission = £898.05
  • The website now needs to maintain an average daily earnings (Google ads and affiliate income) of £0.55p per day to achieve the target £1000 by 31st December 2011.

The highlights of this month are the big increases in Adsense click thros and consequent increase in revenue – this is partly due to the additional centre text ad units which are performing quite well. We will continue our present strategy re Google Adsense ads, and perhaps look at adding some to the blog. We also welcome a new affiliate and we will see whether that generates any revenue in July. I also need to try to re-invigorate Amazon somehow as it is not performing well at all.

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