How do I carry out a disciplinary investigation?

Question: We are a small, specialist company making items to customer specifications mainly for the corporate gifts market. Recently a member of staff was suspected of having stolen several high value items from our production floor. He denies this and has been suspended meantime. His manager has asked me (I manage our finance function) to […]

Can I suspend my employee? Six criteria you need to consider.

We run a very busy bar with usually 5 or 6 bar-persons on duty at any one time. We know that money is going missing from the till and we are pretty sure we know who is taking it on the basis of statements from the other staff. I know we need to properly investigate […]

Problems returning from maternity leave…

1. One of my cleaners has been on maternity leave since January and has provisionally said that she would like to return to work in September.

2. We are not sure that she is going to return so I rang her to discuss this with her. She says that she does want to comeback but […]

How Should I Employ My First Member of Staff?

Hey, it’s great news! Your business is doing well and it’s now more than you can handle on your own or by calling on favours from friends and family. It’s time now to dip your toes in the water of becoming an employer! One of the questions we are most often asked by small businesses […]

How do I make a pregnant employee redundant..?

As a company we are going through a re structuring process with change of hours and possible redundancies. One of our part-time employees is pregnant and often off sick. It was decided that her specific role will be integrated into an existing full-time manager’s role. Can we still go through the same redundancy process with […]

Can I safely discuss letting him go? Protected Conversations and Settlement Agreements

I have an employee who has just become completely disengaged with his job. He is employed by us as a salesperson in our small furniture saleroom and he needs to be much more customer friendly than he is. I have asked him if there is anything wrong but he says no and just denies there […]

Can we terminate her fixed-term contract early?

We are a small organisation and have had to replace a key member of staff when she went off on maternity leave. She assured us she was going to be off for a year so we brought in a replacement on a one year fixed-term contract. Well now our new mother has informed us she […]

How do you calculate holiday entitlement..?

We are a new company looking to employ people on a casual basis, as the hours required to work, will depend on 1) when the workers are available 2) when the customer requires their services. We will be issuing a zero hour contract to each worker. Please can you advise me what if, any holiday […]

Our staff abuse our rules – what can we do?

We have recently taken over a small company, and are in the process of assimilating their staff. However we are finding the behaviour of these employees rather difficult as we try to bring them on to our working conditions. For example they dress inappropriately, are often rude to their managers, they abuse rules like […]

How Do I Write a Recruitment Advert?

Here is a 7 point plan for writing effective recruitment advertising:

1. Format

The starting point for recruitment advertising is having a consistent format. You should therefore have developed a corporate template which incorporates the Company logo, colours, typeface etc. You can do this in-house on a decent word processor, or have it designed […]