Recruitment Selection: How to select the right job applicant..

Recruitment selection – that is the process of choosing the best possible candidate for a post – is facing a significant challenge. This comes mainly from the nature of the changes taking place within organisations themselves. Re-organisations, downsizing, delayering of management tiers etc. are all part of the current trend to be as lean and […]

How Do I Write a Recruitment Advert?

Here is a 7 point plan for writing effective recruitment advertising:

1. Format

The starting point for recruitment advertising is having a consistent format. You should therefore have developed a corporate template which incorporates the Company logo, colours, typeface etc. You can do this in-house on a decent word processor, or have it designed […]

Recruitment Strategies: So How Do You Recruit The Best Possible Staff?

If you are running a business, the most fundamental thing you can do to ensure success is to employ staff who will perform their job well. Unfortunately recruitment is often poorly planned and managers often don’t have the skills / knowledge or recruitment strategies to carry it out effectively. The chosen method is frequently an […]

5 Books That Will Change How You Think!

I read a lot and not many books make much of an impression on me to be honest. However of the hundreds of books I have read, the following 5 have fundamentally changed the way I think. They all contain ideas and concepts which I have been able to apply in the real world. Read […]