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Contract of Employment

You must give this to new employees within 8 weeks

Employment Contract

Getting the contract of employment right is very important. The principle statement of terms and conditions - see below -  is an important part of the contract, but a number of other implicit and explicit terms can be involved e.g. custom and practice, the job description, Company Handbook etc.

It is also very important to follow due process if you need to vary the contract in any way e.g. giving appropriate notice (usually 90 days).

Employment Contract Policy and Document Downloads

Employment Contract Template
This is a blank statement of terms and conditions (contract of employment) which you may download and adapt to your own organisation. Current legislation means that all new employees are entitled to such a statement within 8 weeks of commencement.

Fixed-Term Employment Contract Template
This is a contract template for fixed-term employees, and allows you to specify whether the fixed-term is dependant on time, completion of a task / project, the return of an individual (e.g. following maternity leave) or subject to continued funding.

Zero-Hours Employment Contract Template
This is a contract suitable for staff who you want to employ on an as-required basis and who do not have any guaranteed hours.

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Employer Pack
A Complete set of templates (including a Contract of Employment template) in one product, everything you’ll probably ever need to hire, fire, and manage your own staff professionally (from £19 - £32)

Scrase Employment Solicitors
Document detailing what should be contained in a Statement of Employment Particulars

Useful Links

UK Government Business Website
Tool which allows you to create a written statement of employment.

Advice, Conciliation and Arbitration Service
Information booklet on how to change (vary) a contract of employment

Startup Donut
Q&A on the basics of employment contracts and further information on drawing up the contract here.