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As a way of assisting small businesses who may not have access to, or wish to use a Human Resources Professional, Human Resource Solutions has provided a number of professionally written free resources. In particular numerous template HR policies and procedures can be downloaded from the links on the left and adapted for your own business. We also provide many other useful related documents which can also be downloaded for use, as well as links to other relevant web sites and a number of helpful book recommendations. Please feel free to make use of these free resources.

Some highlights from our website..

1. Video Tutorials
We have undertaken to produce a series of video tutorials to help employers better understand complex HR issues. The first one on 'How to Issue a Contract of Employment" is now available.

2. Shared Parental Leave
Shared Parental Leave is now a reality and significant rights to share maternity or adoption leave and pay are now an entitlement. If your member of staff (or their partner) gets pregnant they will be covered by these regulations. We have produced 2 template shared parental leave policies which fully cover these regulations.

3. Integrated Employment Contract and Staff Handbook Template
Following numerous requests we have now produced a free simplified and integrated Employment Contract and Staff Handbook. This is suitable for any small business even if only employing 1 member of staff. It takes less than ten minutes to fill in, and we have also produced a completed example for guidance.

4. Employment Contract Templates
Including permanent, fixed-term and zero hours contracts. A "Contract for Services" for employing contractors / freelancers is also now available.**NEW** we have just introduced our Letter of Appointment template which you can use to confirm a job offer without having to produce a full blown contract.

5. Staff Handbook Template
A free 40 page professionally written and designed staff handbook in Word format which can be downloaded and easily adapted for your business.

6. HR Policy Manual
A complete HR policy manual for small businesses with all the necessary policies you are likely to need as your business develops. Ready for free download and can easily be adapted for the needs of your business.

7. Procedure for Making a Flexible Working Request
Any member of staff can request flexible working. Here is a template which you can use with mimimal customisation for your business. It fully conforms to ACAS guidelines.

8. Submit a Question
You can submit a question for consideration by one of our professional HR Consultants. This is a free service, and you will receive an answer by email within 24 - 48 hours. Many of the questions and answers are collected (anonymously) in our blog.

9. How to Deal With Staff Who Can't or Won't Perform
Our much requested ebook in response to some of the most asked questions on our website is now available. It's by Alex Brogan our Lead Consultant and comes complete with a free comprehensive online resource pack and access to our email helpdesk.

HR Blog

HR Blog

For more infomation for new and current small businesses who need support with their staffing issues visit Alex Brogan's blog. Alex is our Lead Consultant and manages this website. His blog covers many issues of interest including all the up-to-date employment law issues you need to know about. As well as this there is a running thread of  fully anonymised questions and answers sourced from the many questions asked on this website.