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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

We get a large number of questions submitted to our website, and we pride ourselves in answering every single one submitted. As well as providing answers directly to the person who submitted the question, Alex. Brogan our Managing Consultant also writes a blog where he posts answers to some common or interesting questions which have been submitted - all completely anonymised of course. He also writes articles of general interest around small business employment issues.

The questions and articles are outlined below with links to the relevant blog page. If you have a burning question and you can't find an answer, you can always submit a question directly to one of our consultants who will respond usually within 24 hours - this service is free of any charge

Recruitment Questions

Employment Policy Questions

Employment policies - what are the legal requirements?

Do I need to allow a request for flexible working?

Bribery Act (2010) don't get caught out!

How do you calculate holiday entitlement..?

Problems returning from maternity leave..

Holidays unused due to sickness can be carried over for 18 months..

What is Shared Parental Leave?

Statutory Leave and UK Businesses

Employee insurance and age discrimination

Implementing a social media policy

13 Suggestions to Create a More Flexible Workforce

What's all this about Gender Pay Gap Reporting?

Dealing with Performance Issues Questions

Disciplinary Questions

Terminating Employment Questions