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Capability Policy (ACAS Compliant)

...For When Your Staff Don't Perform

Capability Procedure

Capability issues, where an individuals performance consistently falls short of the required standard, may arise because an employee does not have adequate training, or is unable to do the work to a satisfactory standard for another reason. An employer must try to identify the reason and give appropriate support, prior to invoking a formal procedure which could lead to a capability dismissal. This must be considered separate from any conduct issues where the individual deliberately behaves in a way which means he does not reach the performance standard required. This would be dealt with using the Company Disciplinary Procedure.

Free Policy and Document Downloads

Capability Policy (ACAS Compliant)
which can be downloaded and adapted for your organisation. The procedure contains a "Performance Improvement Plan" (Capability Plan) template.

Managing Challenging Conversations
Dealing with capability issues often involves having difficult conversations with the member of staff concerned. This is the Acas guidance note on how to manage such conversations.