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Video Tutorials

To help you better understand your

responsibilities when you employ staff

In order to explain some topics which are often considered complex when you employ staff, we have undertaken to produce a series of video tutorials to help employers better understand these issues. So such things as 'How to Issue a Contract of Employment" will be explained in detail. The videos will complement and be supported by the other free resources on our website such as policy templates, contract of employment templates and our draft staff handbook.

Watch out for more of these video tutorials being introduced throughout the coming year.

Video Tutorial 1

How to Issue a Contract of Employment

All businesses that employ staff have to at some point issue those staff with a contract of employment. Many employers feel very unsure about what they are committing themselves to when they do this, and don't fully understand what they are doing.

In this video tutorial, Alex. Brogan our lead consultant goes through in detail the elements that make up a contract of employment. Contrary to popular opinion, the contract is not made up of just one document but in fact consists of 5 elements - 3 of which require your close attention.

All the templates which are referenced in the video are available on our website - the instructions are all described in the video. Any other websites referenced are detailed below.

Links referred to in the video

If you need help and support with implementing a company pension, you can always opt into the Government National Employment Savings Trust (NEST) where you can access an appropriate pension scheme for your staff. The web site is:

All the templates referred to in the video can be found on our Contract of Employment page