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Updated for 2024

Do you have a problem with an employee who just can't do their job properly or whose behaviour or attitude is poor?

This ebook will show you how you can fix this
problem in an effective and systematic way

The Problem...

Every organisation at some point suffers from having an employee who doesn't do their job to the standard required, or from an employee who has an attitude problem, or one whose behaviour is not acceptable. Unfortunately if this situation is not addressed by the managers of that business, then experience shows that it can have a seriously detrimental effect on other employees and clients or customers interacting with the company. This can result in serious damage and even business failure, especially in smaller organisations.

How this ebook can help

First it is essential to identify what is causing the problem. Is it because the employee just can't do the job even though they are trying their best? Is their attitude or the way they behave deliberately not appropriate for their job role? Or is it a bit of a grey area and not clear what the issue is? The book takes you systematically through how to identify the problem as the first stage in how to sort it out.

Taking action in relation to job competence, long-term sickness, persistent short-term absences and misconduct are all dealt with in detail.

The book takes you through how to tackle the problem issue informally including how to set up and run an informal meeting, and how to develop and monitor action plans to ensure improvements are made by the employee.

When informal actions fail, the book explains in comprehensive detail how to move to a formal approach which could ultimately lead to the employee's dismissal.

Each key point is illustrated with case studies and examples, which explain how real-life problem situations were successfully dealt with, using the guidelines outlined in the book.

What about all the letters and documents I will need?

The book is supported by a comprehensive online resources pack

This pack contains around 30 template policies, checklists and letters which have been specially written to support this book. This includes model attendance, capability and disciplinary policies; checklists on setting up an informal meeting and carrying out a disciplinary investigation; templates for performance action plans and an investigation report; and numerous model letters including suspension, disciplinary warnings and dismissal (both summary and with notice).

You can have a look at the contents of the online resources pack here

What if i still need more help?

Purchasers of the ebook will have direct access to an email helpdesk run by the book's author Alex. Brogan. You will be able to ask questions or ask for advice and receive an answer usually within 24 hours. There is no limit to the number of questions or requests for advice that can be made.

How can I purchase this ebook and how much does it cost?

The book is available for download in universal PDF format and so can be easily read on computers and tablets. It can be purchased using the 'Buy Now' link below or in the side bar.

The ebook will eventually be sold through Amazon for £19.95, but can also be purchased through our website with full access to the online resource pack and email helpdesk for £10.99.

However as a special offer, for this month only, you can currently purchase the ebook, full access to the resource pack and email helpdesk for: £4.99 just click the 'Buy Now' link below or in the side bar.

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