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Free Employee Policy Templates for Small Businesses

We passionately believe in supporting SMEs and all our website resources are free

Do you need to produce an Employee Handbook for your small business?

A 40 page professionally written and
designed Employee Handbook template free..

Staff Handbook

If so the resources available on this page should help you to produce an effective employee handbook quickly and efficiently for free!

We have produced a free 40 page professionally written and designed Employee Handbook template which you can adapt to your own organisation. This is based on models of good practice and should meet the requirements of UK law ; it should therefore also be fit for purpose within European Community countries. Indeed the basis of the Handbook could be applied to any organisation with a bit of adapting.

We have tested the template in several small and medium sized organisations, and the typical basic setup time is under 2 hours

As well as the above, we have now also produced a simplified and integrated Employment Contract and Staff Handbook. This is designed for use by any small business even if only employing one member of staff. The free template is available below, as is a completed example.

Free Policy and Document Downloads

Please note that we update these templates regularly to reflect changes to employment law. Please ensure you sign up for our email update service here or your downloads will go out of date and be inaccurate.

1. Employee Handbook Template
Here is the template which has been recently updated to take account of all current legislation and can be freely adapted for your Company.

2. Employee Handbook Guidance Note
A guidance note to help with the production of the Staff Handbook.

3. Integrated Employment Contract and Staff Handbook
This is a combined employment contract and staff handbook which contains all the information you need to provide to your new employee. It is fully compliant with employment law and best practice, covers permanent, fixed-term and zero-hours arrangements and is suitable for all SME's even if you are only employing one person. There is also a fully completed example for guidance.

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