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Discipline and Grievance

If you get this wrong you could face an Employment Tribunal

Disciplinary Procedure

Following correct disciplinary procedures is vital to ensure disciplinary issues are properly dealt with. If you get this wrong, you may need to face an Employment Tribunal with a case flawed by poor disciplinary procedures or bad advice.

Proper arrangements to air employee grievances can significantly improve your employee relations. All organisations should have a grievance procedure in place to address employee's discontent.

The disciplinary and grievance procedures and advice on this page will give your organisation the resources necessary to ensure you deal effectively with all employee discipline and grievance issues.

Policy and Document Downloads

Disciplinary Procedure
This is a simple procedure which meets all the necessary legal requirements, which you can download and adapt for your organisation.

Disciplinary Policy and Procedure this is a more in depth procedure which also includes template letters.

Standard Grievance Procedure
This procedure has been written so you can adapt it for your organisation. It has been updated in line with the ACAS Code of Practice to include a section on mediation.

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Employer Pack
A complete set of templates (including discipline and grievance procedure templates) in one product, everything you’ll probably ever need to hire, fire, and manage your own staff professionally (from £19 - £32)

Labour Relations Commission - Ireland
Code of Practice on Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures

Mediation - An Employers Guide

Chartered Institute Of Personnel and Development and ACAS guide providing detailed information on implementing mediation in the workplace.

Disputes Procedure
A dispute is a collective grievance raised by more than 1 member of staff. Some organisations will deal with this as a collective grievance under the grievance procedure. This is an alternative which is a separate Disputes procedure.

Useful Links

Handling Disciplinaries
Information from the Government website.

Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures

As of 6 April 2009 Acas has revised its Code of Practice on disciplinary and grievance procedures and produced a new Code available here.

Handling Grievances
Government website on how to manage employee grievances