Third Month Income Report – March 2011

This is the third month of the re-vamped website at where we are looking to make £1000 by the end of the year. So how did we do in March?

Well in March we continued to focus on creating good content both on the website and this blog as a way of trying to improve traffic. I had also intended to look at introducing more affiliate marketing (apart from Amazon) but couldn’t find anything appropriate (I did in April though but more on that next month). So what are the earnings and activity stats for March? Here they are in summary form:

Earnings Pageviews Adsense Clicks
March 2010 £35.66 9384 139
March 2011 £135.75 18642 435
Change – Monthly average 2010 vs March 2011 +392% +220% +332%
Average daily income March 2011 £4.38
Ave per day required April-Dec 2011 to make £1000 £2.69

The number of visitors to the website in February 2011 was 10,101 (6763 in Feb 2011), of which 8699 (5693 in Jan 2011) were unique visitors (i.e. they had not visited previously in March). This represents a 53% increase in visitor numbers over February 2011.

Incoming Links

The number of links has not increased, and both Google and Yahoo site explorer are reporting 41 in-links. This is in fact a small decrease from last month and we need to focus on improving this metric going forward.

Affiliate income

Details in March from Amazon were:

Total Cilcks thro to Amazon Items ordered Total Earnings
87 7 £4.19

This shows a slight reduction in clicks, but a big increase in orders to 7 (3 last month) and income – £4.19 this month (£1.47 in February).

Key Points

  1. This has been another excellent month!
  2. Earnings have increased to a daily average of £4.38 from an average of £2.90 in February 2011.
  3. Visitor numbers are up by over 50% from February
  4. Adsense clicks have risen by over 300% since March 2010
  5. The website has first quarter earnings of £259.21 from 1st Jan to 31st March 2011.
  6. Total Amazon Earnings from 1st January to 31st March 2011 are £5.66
  7. Total first quarter earnings are: £264.87
  8. The website needs to maintain a daily earnings average of £2.69 to earn £1000 by 31st December 2011.

This improvement in earnings rate means we are on target to meet our projected earnings by the year end. However we need to undertake some specific tasks for April 2011 to maintain this trajectory:

  • Continue to develop and improve the website and blog content
  • Explore utilising social media – specifically Twitter and LinkedIn – to drive traffic to the site
  • Introduce at least one other affiliate link
  • try to improve inward links


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