Our staff abuse our rules – what can we do?

We have recently taken over a small company, and are in the process of assimilating their staff. However we are finding the behaviour of these employees rather difficult as we try to bring them on to our working conditions. For example they dress inappropriately, are often rude to their managers, they abuse rules like timekeeping and we also think they are misusing company phones and computers for personal use. What should we do about this?angry_250x375

The first thing is to be absolutely clear on what behaviours you require from these members of staff. An excellent way to achieve this is to implement a company wide handbook which contains all the information required in relation to performance standards which will apply to all Company staff- have a look at the template on our website. Not enough to just introduce it though. You might want to think about having training / familiarisation sessions about the handbook and the info it contains. You should also ensure each individual signs to say they have received a copy (or confirm they have read it if it is held electronically). Once staff are absolutely clear what is expected of them, any deliberate failure to meet these standards can be dealt with as misconduct issues utilising the disciplinary procedure.


(Article reviewed January 2018)


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