Employment Tribunal Fees: I hate my employer and want to take them to an Employment Tribunal – will it cost me anything?

I feel my employer has treated me badly in a number of respects. They have changed my hours, made me move to a new base and I feel I have lost out on a promotion because I am over 60. I have decided to take them to an Employment Tribunal but have heard there is […]

Poor Performance: Our sales people can’t sell! How can we get rid of them..?

We are a small company employing  only four sales people.  Two of our sales people are badly under performing and having exhausted all avenues over the past six months to help them, they are still failing to meet sales targets. What process do we have to follow to dismiss them?

In these circumstances of poor performance […]

Can we terminate her fixed-term contract early?

We are a small organisation and have had to replace a key member of staff when she went off on maternity leave. She assured us she was going to be off for a year so we brought in a replacement on a one year fixed-term contract. Well now our new mother has informed us she […]

..she gets over friendly with customers…what can we do?

We have a member of staff who outside of work gets too friendly with customers either in person or on facebook. Outside of work however she drinks a lot and tends to make a fool of herself. I am worried this can contaminate the business relationship with clients, and wondered if we can restrict […]

Implementing a social media policy…

We are introducing an new social media policy what happens if staff refuse to sign it?

Hopefully you will have somewhere within your contract of employment a statement such as:

“You will be subject to the terms and conditions as agreed and amended from time to time by the the Company as outlined in its […]

Problems returning from maternity leave…

1. One of my cleaners has been on maternity leave since January and has provisionally said that she would like to return to work in September.

2. We are not sure that she is going to return so ring her to discuss this with her. She says that she does want to comeback but is […]

How do I make a pregnant employee redundant..?

As a company we are going through a re structuring process with change of hours and possible redundancies. One of our part-time employees is pregnant and often off sick. It was decided that her specific role will be integrated into an existing full-time manager’s role. Can we still go through the same redundancy process with […]

Compulsory retirement : can I still specify a retirement age?

As there is now no compulsory retirement age, I am reviewing the retirement policy in our handbook.  Currently it refers to “the normal retiring age is 65 years of age”.  Is it OK to leave this in as it stands – it is a simple statement & should be viewed as a suggestion to employees […]

A difficult member of staff! ..can we take disciplinary action?

This morning a member of our staff reported for work wearing a police tagging device! He is very blasé about this and has been showing his work colleagues – the device is secured round his left ankle. He has not told his supervisor officially about this, however it is not stopping him from attending […]

Can we discipline an employee if they are on sick leave?

I suspended an employee this week and have written to him asking him to attend a disciplinary hearing next week. Today I have received from him a doctors note declaring him ‘not fit for work’ for four weeks with depression’. Does being signed off on sick leave make him automatically unavailable to attend the hearing?

Fitness to attend work […]